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The BIG SWITCH within the CLOUD. GAM is positioned to meet the demands of businesses on any level that are considering Cloud Applications to solve their IT challenges.


Data Protection Services
Servers, Workstatons, Laptops, Systems at any level we all need the peace of mind to know that data is being backed up in a manner that is safe, reliable and affordable.

Features and benefits:

DPS Level 1

  • Unbeatable Security
  • Restoration 3 Times Faster Intelliblox:
  • Block-Level Backup Technology
  • Microsoft Exchange Support
  • Retention and Archiving
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Local Repository
  • Mapped Drive Support
  • User-Defined Options
  • Granularity
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Activity Logs
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • System State Backups
  • Volume Shadow Copy

DPS Level 2

  • Image Backup
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)
  • File/Folder Backup & Recovery
  • Exchange Backup & Recovery – Message Level
  • SQL Backup & Recovery – Table Level
  • Business Continuity (Local/Remote)
  • Disaster Recovery

Spam and Virus Protection
Stop spam, phishing, scams, viruses and other Internet pollution from impacting your e-mail operations. A fully managed e-mail protection service, which eliminates up to 99% of unwanted e-mail before reaching a user's network. While the solution is best known for its accuracy and low maintenance, equally remarkable is its ease of implementation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time protection from today's IT threats
  • Simple Implementation
  • No hardware or software required
  • Inbound and outbound e-mail protection
  • Daily Held Mail Reports
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Eliminates 99% of Unwanted Email
Messaging - Office365/Secure Hosted Exchange
Secured Exchange Hosting simplifies the setup, provisioning, and management of Microsoft Exchange by creating a complete managed service for administrators and end-users.


  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Akamai Enabled Performance Optimization
  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Archiving & Compliance


  • Centralized and secure information storage
  • Online collaboration anytime, anyplace: meeting scheduling, contact management, document sharing and task management
  • Email aliases, domain aliases and email forwarding
  • Public Folders
  • Distribution Groups
  • Domain and User Level Rules

Hosted Monitoring & Management
Solarwinds N-central provides the tools you need to provide fast service in a repeatable way so all of your customers can receive the best service possible.


  • Automated Onboarding
  • Automated Setup
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Automated Reporting
Web Security
Hassle-free Web Security
  • Shields your network from malware, adware and viruses
  • Protects your employees and improves productivity
  • Helps avoid legal and compliance issues
  • Deploys quickly and customizes easily
  • Costs less at start-up and over time
These days, companies that don’t manage their Web usage are risking more than occasional embarrassment and wasted time. Malicious content can cripple entire networks, expose employers to lawsuits and eat away at profits. Until now, however, the only security options have been expensive to buy and difficult to manage for even the largest companies.

SecureSurf™ is always on and continuously updated. It doesn’t require any onsite hardware or software, and it won’t bog down your staff with frequent updates, patches or maintenance. You get the controls your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.

Email Encryption
Security is not optional with CipherPost™ Email Encryption service. CipherPost™ employs proven encryption technologies to provide strong security for your most sensitive e-mail communications, and is one of the easiest solutions to manage – and use – on the market. The solution helps you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by providing end-to-end security for your e-mail and mobile messaging, without disrupting your business. CipherPost integrates with your existing infrastructure and can be rapidly deployed internally and externally, even in the largest of organizations.

Features of CipherPost™

  • Secure, Fast and Easy to Use
  • Ensures Protection
  • Easily Integrates with Existing Infrastructure
  • No Hardware or Software Required
  • Centralized Management and Reporting
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